Posters and programmes of meetings


Review colloquium second period


ss2014-small erlangen-small duality-small
Summer school in Blaubeuren SPP colloquium Erlangen Miniworkshop Duality of Markov processes and applications to spatial population models
inter-part-small work-reco-bi-small genealogies-small
From Interacting Particle Systems to Population Genetics Miniworkshop on recombination in population genetics Bielefeld Mini-Workshop Genealogies of population models with competition


pgmis-small bonn_programme-small vienna_programme-small multiple-merger-small
Population genetic models including selection
A miniworkshop in the DFG Priority Program SPP 1590
SPP colloquium Bonn Mind the gap 2013 Vienna Mini-Workshop Multiple merger coalescents in population genetics


preview12-small pse12-small
Review colloquium first period Opening Meeting of the DFG priority programme SPP 1590
& 3rd European Young and Mobile Workshop


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